Google admit internet glasses 'not as good', as hoped

Last updated at 11:58
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This is how Google promoted their glasses in April

Google's new 'internet glasses' will not be as good as people hoped, the makers have admitted.

Project Glass was announced in April with bold claims that users could access the web through stamp sized screens in their specs that would fill their whole eye.

But they've now admitted the glasses will only display information in a small area above one eye.

They say colour graphics may also be replaced by a much simpler display.

Google insists the glasses are still high-tech and they're hoping people will be attracted by the more basic tools like the built-in camera.

The glasses haven't been released to the public yet.

Google glasses shows map of shopGoogle
Google originally said the eyes would see a full screen like this.

The special specs are still being tested out by members of the Google X team to see how they could work in everyday life.

When they do hit the shops it's expected that they'll cost around £160 to £320.