Are your pets as talented as Pudsey?

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Ashleigh and Pudsey performing on BGTPA

Dancing doggy superstar Pudsey and owner Ashleigh have been voted winners of Britain's Got Talent 2012.

They beat opera pair Jonathan and Charlotte to be the viewers' favourite - with a dance routine based around the theme tune from Mission Impossible.

The prize pup had always been a big hit with Simon Cowell.

Way back when auditions started he told Newsround he had high hopes a talented dog would win this year.

We asked you to send us pictures your talented pets - have a look and some of the super snaps Newsround fans sent in!

Juileta can play the piano!
Juileta can play the piano!

"Julieta is a clever Chihuahua. Her first trick is to play the piano."

Liuba, Russia

Button the cat on her skateboard.
Button is one cool cat

"Button loves riding on my new skateboard."

Matthew, Wokingham, England

Sam cat playing hide and seek.
Sam loves to hide from Declan

"My cat Sam playing hide and seek."

Declan, Guernsey

Naomi's pony Juliet is really good at obstacle courses!
Naomi's pony Juliet is really good at obstacle courses!

"My pony Juliet is really good at obstacle courses!"

Naomi, England

Otis the dog
Daisy's dog Otis loves to run up trees

"My guinea pig Bubble likes to dance around."

Ffion, Wales

Charlie the dog
Ten-year-old Bryony's dog Charlie likes to look cool.

"My pet has talent for the most laziest pet."

Annie, Runcorn, England

Fluffy the rabbit
Yasmin's rabbit Fluffy is a great climber

"Our cat Lilly can do back flips and fishes out milk tops from the bin, then gives them to us for her to fetch!"

Hazel, Southampton, England

Autumn the rabbit
11-year-old Charlotte's rabbit Autumn loves to play football

"My guinea pig can climb the stairs."

Cortnie, Kirkaldy, Scotland

Chester the dog
Here's Luke's dog Chester - his talent is to pop bubbles as soon as they're blown

"I've got three dogs - one of the dogs are a skateboarder, one is a ballet dancer (not literally but is like one) and one is old so it can do simple tricks."

Shannon, London, England

Zac the dog
Lydia's dog Zac can eat a full bowl of food in 20 seconds flat

"My dog Saffy is crazy about football and never stops playing it she should be a boy! Lots of people comment on her."

Leia, Chorley, England

Patrick's cat Scamp can dance
Patrick's cat Scamp can dance

"My cat Tom can spin around, jump, climb trees and watch Newsround with me and play outside with me and my friends."

Lucy, Cambridgeshire, England