Man City win the Premier League in stunning style

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A look at Manchester City's journey to the top...

In the most dramatic end to a Premier League season, Manchester City have become league champions for the first time in 44 years.

All looked lost for the Blues as they were losing 2-1 to 10-man QPR when the 90 minutes were up.

Up until then it looked like Manchester United - who were winning 1-0 at Sunderland - would take the trophy for the 20th time.

But City fought back with two late goals from Dzeko and Aguero to win 3-2.

Before their final matches, City and United were equal on points but City had the edge thanks to a better goal difference.

It meant that if City won their last match, they would definitely take the title.

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Watch Man City lift the Premier League trophy

United looked safe

Sunday afternoon's matches all kicked off at the same time, with fans in each stadium keeping an eye on all the scores.

As the end of the matches approached, United looked safe at Sunderland with their 1-0 win.

Their match finished a few minutes before City's - so they had an agonising wait to see if they'd won their 20th league title.

At their final whistle, United fans thought they'd clinched it because at that point, City were losing 2-1 to QPR, who had had captain Joey Barton sent off.

City fans were leaving the stadium in tears, thinking their chance at glory had gone.

Last-gasp goals

Then a header from Dzeko in the 92nd minute gave City some injury time hope. But a draw would be no good: United still looked safe.

Then with just seconds left on the clock, Sergio Aguero scored with a clinical finish, to send the Etihad Stadium delirious with joy.

United fans and players in the Stadium of Light couldn't believe their heartbreak.

It's the first time since 1968 that City have won the league.