Ex-newspaper boss questioned over friendship with PM

Last updated at 18:34
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Find out why Rebekah Brooks is in the news

Former newspaper boss Rebekah Brooks has been facing tough questions over her friendships with big politicians.

She used to be one of Britain's most powerful women as boss of News International, the company that owns major newspapers such as The Sun and the News of the World before it closed.

But she quit last year after the News of the World was accused of listening to people's private phone calls.

Now she's been questioned for a big inquiry into how journalists work.

The Leveson Inquiry has been asking her who she was friends with and how she used her power.

The worry is that if politicians get too friendly with journalists they might start doing what the papers want and not what's good for the country.

Mrs Brooks revealed that one of her mates, Prime Minister David Cameron, used to text her "LOL" thinking it stood for "lots of love"!

Revelations like these are embarrassing for politicians. But they'll have their own chance to give their side of the story as the inquiry is far from over.