Two million brown tree snakes infest tiny island Guam

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Find out how Guam is tackling its big snake problem

The tiny Pacific island of Guam has a big problem - it's infested with TWO MILLION snakes!

The brown tree snakes live in the forests and are causing havoc for the island's people and wildlife.

They've eaten nearly all the native forest birds and have now moved on to munching other species.

There are also regular power cuts caused by the snakes crawling on electricity lines. They even slither into people's beds!

But the locals are fighting back.

They're trying to kill the snakes by dropping mice laced with poison from helicopters.

Meanwhile, a small army of dogs sniff everything that leaves the airport - to make sure no stowaway snakes escape and cause trouble elsewhere.

It's thought the snakes arrived on Guam after sneaking onto military planes that landed there at the end of World War II.