Top school inspector wants phones banned in school

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Hayley visits a school where mobiles have been banned

The country's top school inspector says he wants children banned from taking their phones into school.

He says that kids who use their mobiles to text, surf the web or take calls really disrupt lessons.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, from the education watchdog Ofsted, reckons that schools should be punished if they don't stop pupils using their phones.

At the moment, only a few schools ban phones. Most allow them as long as they are kept in lockers or switched off.

But teachers say that they are often kept on and used in lessons.

Thank you for all your comments. Here's what some of you had to say....

Your comments

"My school has already banned phones (if you are in yr 7/8) but you are allowed to bring them to school as long as you give it into the office in the morning and collect it in the afternoon."

Meg, Northamptonshire, England

"At my friend's school in year eight they just sit in the classroom and text to each other. Now that is unacceptable, but if you have it off or only use it at playtime I don't see what the problem is."

Lily, London, England

"Phones shouldn't be banned in school because it's good for interracting, socialising and taking photographs, so in the future it will be part of your memories."

Kim, South Yorkshire, England

"I think we should ban kids using phones in school because in our class many of the children text message by hiding their phones under the tables in lesson times!"

Nivethan, Essex, England

"Phones are banned in my school but people use them anyway! I think you would have to inflict a stronger rule, because there isn't much that the teachers can do because they can't always see the phones in pockets, laps, or blazers and stuff. I don't know if the rule is worth it because it won't change much- pupils just don't care!"

Shanaynay, Oxford, England

"Our school has a lot of mobile phone disruption. Nearly everyone has a Blackberry and they use it to text each other every time. Even teachers use their phone sometimes.

I think that it should be banned even though I am a phone user myself."

Adam, Birmingham, England

"I think they should be kept but turned OFF during school because some children need their phones."

Alan, Clacton-on-Sea, England

"Lots of people use them in my school even though they are not allowed. I think that teachers should collect them in in the morning and give them back after school."

Becky, England

"They should be banned because it makes children a target for crime."

Jamie, Southport, England

"I think that phones should not be allowed in class-time and should be kept at home or in the lockers."

Emily, Southampton, England

"Mobile phones should be allowed in school but not in lessons so that kids can use them for emergencies but not to text their friends."

Sam, West Sussex, England

"I think phones should not be banned in school because we could use them for revision or homework, with the use of camera to memorise the work set."

Darcy, Channel Islands, England

"I don't think phones should be banned because if you want to walk home and your mum or dad don't know, they will know after you've text them."

Fionn, South Lanarkshire, England

"I don't think they should be banned because when teachers don't have calculators you can use them then!"

Abbie, Hartlepool, England

"At our school we're allowed our phones, but we aren't allowed to use them in school. They have to be switched off, in our bag. I think we should be allowed to have them, as we might have a problem when going to/from school."

James, Basingstoke, England

"I think it's a good idea and I agree they really interrupt classes. Go, school inspectors."

Claire, Doncaster, England

"In my school phones are already banned. I don't like it. If your parents are late you can text them. Also it is good as you can always pick up the phone or read a text if it is urgent."

Mia, Essex, England

"I think they shouldn't be banned because I take a phone to school - I go on the bus on my own and I need it for safety reasons. Also, if I have an emergency then it will be handy to contact the school or my family. But if they are turned off and put in lockers then that's fair enough."

Abi, Gloucestershire, England

"I think that mobile phones should be allowed in school for the simple purpose of emergencies. If there's an emergency at home then a mobile phone must be kept on and taken into lessons. Yes, mobile phones do sometimes disrupt lessons but not enough to disrupt the whole class from learning."

Brandon, Lincolnshire, England

"Phones should be allowed just in case you are late for school. But not in lessons, it will disrupt lessons."

Callum, Manchester, England

"I think we should have our phones but only in high school because we might get on the wrong school bus and need to tell our parents or guardian. Or we might have a big piece of homework that you left at home so you need to your mum to bring it or you'll get in trouble!"

Amy, Liverpool, England

"I think that we should not ban phones in schools as it helps children to get hold of their parents quicker than using the phone in the school office."

Amy, Pontypridd, Wales

"Well I think that they should be allowed to be used at break times. I also think that kids should be allowed to use them for research and listening to music in class."

Jon, Glasgow, Scotland

"They shouldn't be banned because at dinner time you wouldn't be able to call people like friends and family if you hurt yourself."

Ben, Nottingham, England

"I think you should [be allowed phones]. Once at school there was a fire and there was a girl inside so I rang her and she told me where to find her and I told the firemen. I think you shouldn't be allowed them in the classroom but you should be allowed them at break and at dinner."

Courtney, Doncaster, England

"I think they're OK as long as you don't use them in class."

Kai, England

"Mobile phones should not be banned. Students can use their phone as a source of protection when walking home. Students would also be able to use their phone for educational uses. And if there are problems at home and your parents need to contact you, then having your phone enables them to phone you and let you know."

SJ Form, RSA Academy School, West Midlands, England

"We should still be able to take them to school, but why do secondary school pupils get to take them in and not primary? Primary schools should get to take them in, switch them off and put them in lockers, trays or coat pockets. Then when it's lunch break we should be allowed to use them."

Ellie, Liverpool, England