Ricky meets 3D holograms of JLS and Alexandra Burke!

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Ricky meets Alexandra Burke - or does he?!

Singing with JLS, getting up close to Alexandra Burke, dancing with the Black Eyed Peas... all in a day's work for our Ricky.

Only thing is, none of the stars he 'met' for this report were real - they were 3D holograms!

The latest 3D technology makes it look like someone's right in front of you.

It works by taking a video of a singer filmed on a black background, and reflecting it onto the stage using a big piece of plastic.

The technology could prove to be useful for different reasons - to stand in for a performer who couldn't be somewhere, or for some really cool science lessons!

But at the moment it's still really expensive, costing thousands of pounds.

Watch Ricky's report to find out more (and to see his dodgy dancing!).