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Pictures: Hayley's trip to 'America' in the UK

Hayley vists an American airbase in Lakenheath, Suffolk - where there are loads of things to remind people of home.
Hayley was amazed by all the different types of food available.
Hayley next to a hot dog stand
The base has its own petrol station and the people who use it have to pay in dollars.
Hayley next to a petrol pump
There's a miniature Statue of Liberty on the base and lots of American flags.
Hayley next to a Statue of Liberty
This is the USA food court - here you'll find loads of different types of food to eat.
Hayley outside the food court
This is a taco - a corn or wheat tortilla folded around a yummy filling. It was really tasty.
Hayley eating a yummy taco
Lakenheath airbase is home to 4,500 service men and women who live there with their families.
Hayley next to a statue of a jet
This is a gumball machine - its massive and full of tasty treats.
Hayley next to a gumball machine
They even have a U.S. postal service on the base.
Hayley next to a U.S. post box
The supermarket on base has loads of foods that you find in America - it sure looked good.
Hayley next to some beef jerky packets