Mum in court accused of letting daughter use a sunbed

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A woman in America has denied letting her 5 year old daughter use a sun bedAP

A mum has appeared in court in America accused of letting her young daughter use a sunbed.

Patricia Krentcil is accused of letting her 5-year-old daughter use the bed to get a tan.

But in court Patricia said she didn't and that she wouldn't put her daughter in danger.

Authorities say it would be dangerous for someone so young to use a sunbed and it could damage her skin.

People became concerned about Mrs Krantcil's daughter when she arrived at school with what looked like sunburn.

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Watch what Mrs Krentcil has to say about being accused

The school nurse called the authorities and said the 5-year-old might have been allowed to use a sunbed by her mum.

Mrs Krentcil lives in New Jersey, one of lots of states in America where it's illegal to let anyone under the age of 14 use a machine to get a tan.