United Nations gives Sudan a deadline to end conflict

Last updated at 13:31

The United Nations has given Sudan and South Sudan a two week deadline to stop fighting.

Last summer, Sudan split into two separate countries to end years of conflict.

But now the two East African countries are fighting again and there are concerns full scale war could break out.

A lot of the conflict is about the oil fields on the border of the countries.

Fighting over oil

Selling oil to other countries makes lots of money and while most of the oil is in South Sudan, it's pumped though pipes in Sudan to be sold. Sudan wants more money from its neighbour to use the pipes and wants more of the oil fields.

All the fighting means ordinary people are becoming refugees. They're having to leave their homes because they're caught in the middle.

The UN has told the two countries they must stop fighting and start talking or they'll face limits on trading with other countries.