Prince Harry and Wills tease dad for saving money

Last updated at 15:19
Prince CharlesPA

Prince Charles says his sons William and Harry are always making fun of him for trying to save money.

The king-to-be has admitted he likes to do his bit for the environment by turning the heating down and recycling his curtains into cushions.

He also admits to pouring left over bath water onto his garden, another thing the Princes tease him for.

But despite their ribbing over his money saving habits, Charles says he never knows if they're serious.

He said: "I hate throwing things away. I am always trying to find ways of re-using things.

"They say, 'Oh, he's on again'. But you never quite know with your children, do you?"

The Prince explained how he hates throwing things away, something he thinks he's picked up from previous royals.

He added: "There are bits of this, bits of that everywhere. For example, we've had to take curtains down in my bathroom and I was seeing how we could make cushions out of them.

"I've often stopped people throwing things away - all those wonderful Victorian lavatories, for example.

"I don't mind keeping the heating down as long as I can have a hot bath. I think I have inherited it from Queen Victoria, who also liked sitting in a draught."