Queen re-opens Cutty Sark after £50m refurbishment

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Watch Nel's report from on board the Cutty Sark

The world famous Cutty Sark has been re-opened by The Queen and Prince Philip.

The 143-year-old cargo ship was almost destroyed in a huge fire five years ago at Greenwich in London.

But after £50 million was spent on restoring and repairing the Cutty, she opened to the public once more.

Cutty Sark was the fastest ship of her time, transporting cargo all over the world.

She carried everything from fine teas to gunpowder, whisky and even buffalo horns.

Richard Doughty of the Cutty Sark Trust said, "She was a power machine, built for speed. People flocked to see her. She's an icon of world heritage."

Nel got a sneek peak on board - watch her report!