Supermarkets accused of tempting kids with sweets

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Take a bite out of Leah's snack report

Supermarkets have been named and shamed for making children pester their parents for sweets.

The Children's Food Campaign says most supermarkets put unhealthy snacks near checkout tills, which causes the problem.

Ten years ago the supermarkets had promised not to do this.

Researchers found unhealthy snacks at four out of five checkouts in the Asda, Morrisons and Iceland stores they visited.

Not just supermarkets

It wasn't just supermarkets that have been criticised.

As well as Co-op, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose, campaigners told off HMV, New Look, Superdrug and WH Smith for featuring sweets and chocolates near their checkouts.

But the supermarkets claim the campaigners' report is misleading and say they also promote fruit and veg.