The most Dull and Boring story we've had on Newsround

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church with graveyard in village of DullEuan Nelson

A Scottish village called Dull wants to create a partnership with an American town called Boring!

Boring, in the US state of Oregon, is best known for timber logging. Dull, in Perthshire, is a very small village, with one street.

The link between the two places was the idea of a lady from Perthshire who spotted Boring on a cycling holiday.

If the plan goes ahead, Dull will get a new road sign saying it's linked with Boring.

Dull community councillor Marjorie Keddie said: "It might seem like a joke but this could have real benefits for Dull."

Jim Hart, a journalist at Boring's newspaper, The Sandy Post, has already spoken to people in Dull to find out if they have anything in common.

He said: "One of the things our communities share is the weather... we get a lot of rain and snow every year."

road sign pointing to Boring, Oregon CityOther
The town's website says it's "an exciting place to live"

Boring was named after William H. Boring, a soldier in the American civil war who lived in the area.

Dull's name may have come from the Gaelic word for meadow, although some claim it comes from a word meaning 'snare' or an animal's harness.