Premier League title gap closes for Manchester teams

Last updated at 10:49
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After an eventful weekend for both Manchester teams, it could be all to play for in Monday's Premier League derby.

United started the weekend eight points clear of City. But that was before the game against Everton ended in a 4-4 draw at Old Trafford.

Meanwhile City beat Wolves 2-0 sending the west-midlands team to relegation.

Now Sir Alex Ferguson says the Reds face the "biggest derby" of his United career.

He said, "We need a result. It's a derby of amazing proportions."

But City manager Mancini insists United are still the likely winners of the League.

He said, "I probably expect us to lose to Manchester United," and the title is "not in our hands."

The nail-biting derby match kicks off on Monday April 30, after that only two games remain to decide the Premier League winners.