Dog owners in England will have to microchip puppies

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Nel visits an animal hospital to find out more

Dog owners in England will soon have to pay for their new born puppies to be fitted with a microchip.

It's a government plan to crack down on dangerous dogs.

The chip fits under an animal's skin and would contain information about their owner, to make the human easier to be traced by the police if their dog attacks someone.

5000 people a week voluntarily chip their dogs to make them easier to find if they get lost.

In Northern Ireland, it's been compulsory to microchip dogs since Easter and the Welsh government is thinking about introducing a law as well.

We asked you to tell us if you thought pet owners should microchip their dogs and if it will stop dangerous dog attacks?

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Your Comments:

"I think it's a good idea to microchip dogs, it means that fewer dogs may have to be put down after they bite people as owners will have to take responsibility for their animals. This way it may mean that fewer people are hurt or injured by violent dogs. Also, the price could be reduced."

Marina, Birmingham, England

"I think it is a good idea to get all dogs chipped, although I don't think it is a good idea to make dog owners to pay for it."

Harriet, Devon, England

"It's the people who have the dogs that are the problem. People who have aggressive dogs won't bother to have their dogs chipped."

Jean, Perth, Scotland

"I think it's a bad idea as not all dogs are dangerous, the chips are expensive and some people don't have enough money."

Mia, Hampshire, England

"I think microchipping dogs is great because if they run away you can find them and make sure they are safe."

Izzy, Nottinghamshire , England

"I think it's terrible that the government are practically judging dogs on their breed. Any size, shape and breed of dog can attack. There's no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners."

Taya, Bedfordshire, England

"I think that if the government want to put chips into dogs to help track down dangerous dogs then we shouldn't have to pay for it."

Annabel, Berkhamsted, England

"I don't think that ordering pet owners to microchip their dogs is a good idea because it will cost lots of money. It won't stop dangerous dog attacks either."

Emelia, Stockport, England

"I think if a dog is going to get a micro chip it should depend on the dogs temperament and if they've ever attacked anyone before!"

Lucy, Bromley, England

"We think it's a good idea to microchip dogs, because it means that fewer dogs may have to be put down after they bite people, as owners will have to take responsibility for their animals. This way it may mean that fewer people are hurt or injured by violent dogs. However, some owners may not be able to afford to microchip their dogs, so they may choose to keep their dogs illegally without microchips. This may only make the problem worse."

Year 5, All Saints, England

"I don't think it's a good idea because even with a chip, dogs could still attack people."

Jordy, Holland, The Netherlands

"I don't think a microchip will help because it won't change a dog's behaviour."

Barry, Holland, The Netherlands

"I think it is a good idea to put microchips in dogs, because you will be able to track your dog if it gets lost. But I don't think it will stop dogs from attacking, because we're not completely in control of our dog's actions."

Mahin, Preston, England

"I think that we should microchip dogs so that the police can track them if they attack anybody, however, I don't think that it will stop dogs from attacking people."

Lauren, Preston, England

"I think that dogs should all be microchipped because of the number of people who have been harmed by them."

Hamish, Preston, England

"I think that they should be microchipped, because then they can be tracked if they bite someone."

Alice, Preston, England

"We think that all dangerous breeds of dog should be microchipped because it would help the police trace the owners quickly and hopefully, this would make dog owners more responsible. We also believe there should some sort of dog register or license system for all dogs."

Primary 7, Clovenfords, Scotland

"I think it's not necessary to put a chip on each dog in the UK because people have to pay for the chip but not everyone has got the money. Maybe the government can change the law so that only dogs who have attacked or hurt someone have to get a chip."

Leon, Almelo, The Netherlands