All stand for the teacher?

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children raising hands in classroom while teacher is turned away

When a grown-up walks into the room, do you stand up? The Prime Minister David Cameron thinks maybe you should!

He made remarks about it in a speech about bringing back "real discipline" in schools.

He also wants to see schools use sport to improve children's behaviour.

Thank you for all your comments.

We asked: should children stand up when an adult walks into the room? Do you already do this? Or are there better ways to improve discipline?

Here are some of your comments:

"I think that respect for adults is important, especially as they are going to be a key factor to our future. Standing up for them as they walk into a room is a step too far though."

James, Northamptonshire, England

"I don't think we should have to stand because….it will break the flow of our work, and in our school, teachers come into our class rooms all the time so we would be up and down all day!"

Sarah, Barnston, England

"I think the reason people don't show their "elders" much, if any, respect is because adults need to earn it. They have the authority, but they need to earn our respect."

Isaac, Hereford, England

"I don't think we should stand, because, for a start, it would shorten our learning time. It could also get disruptive, if whilst half way through a lesson, we have to stand up because one teacher needs to ask another a question. And why should we treat teachers like royalty anyway?!"

James, Basingstoke, England

"We show respect by not shouting out at school and we are quiet."

Emma, Chelmsford, England

"At my school you have to stand up when a teacher comes in and you don't sit down until your told to. If you don't stand up you'll get detention."

Molly, Glasgow, Scotland

"When I grow up I will not expect children to stand up for me and I want to be a teacher!"

Bethan, Cumbria, England

"I think maybe we could acknowledge them instead of standing up - it's a much better way of showing respect."

Ellee, West Kirby, England

"We could be respectful towards our teachers and parents just by doing what they ask. So I disagree with standing when our parents arrive in a room."

Lolla, London, England

"I don't think we should have to stand for our parents but we still have to respect them all cause they are all older than us."

Nikita, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I am home educated but I still think that David Cameron is wrong because we are all equal!"

Billy, Yorkshire, England

"I think we should say "Did you have a good day?" …. because it's very respectful and polite!"

Ellis, Norfolk, England

"We should not stand up when a teacher enters the room because you might be doing something hard and it will interupt your learning."

Alivia, Los Angeles, USA

"We always stand up when a really important teacher comes in, and I don't think we should have to stand when our parents walk into a room unless they ask us to."

Mia, Liverpool, England

"If Mr Cameron came into my class I can promise that I wouldn't stand up for him."

Darren, London, England

"I do not think we should have to stand up because they might be older than us but we can respect them in a lot of other ways."

Ellie, Edinburgh, Scotland

"We should do it when a teacher comes in the room but it is a bit over the top for our parents."

Jessica, Wiltshire, England

"I think we should, because it's to show respects to adults and teachers - this way it will make the school look professional."

Abdul, Doncaster, England

"I think we should because we dont show enough respect now."

Amelia, Gravesend, England

"I think it should come back into fashion because nowadays many children have far too little respect for adults."

Martha, Dorset, England

"If we sit in a classroom for seven to eight hours we're already showing respect."

Aaron, London, England

"At my school …. we just say good morning to our teacher."

Amna, Cardiff, Wales

"I think there are other ways of showing respect, like holding open a door and things like that."

Anna, Aberdeen, Scotland

"Our teachers deserve respect because they take time out of their day to teach us so we should pay them back by standing up when they enter the classroom."

Daniel, London, England

"I don't think we should stand for our parents because they will always know we have respect for them even if we don't show it. As for teachers, yes I think we should stand up for them because they help us to learn and that should earn our respect."

Jake, Southend, England

"I think we should stand when a teacher comes into the room as that's what the olden days were like. I would like to see more strict routines in place that also deal with unruly behaviour and kick anybody out of school who is the slightest bit out of line."

Claire, Doncaster, England

"David Cameron needs to remember adults are NOT better than children so why should we treat them like lords!"

Lapop, London, England

"Adults deserve respect but not that much."

Andy, Derby, England

"I think if they want respect they should earn it just as we do."

Beastlee, Wales

"I think standing up is a degrading way to show respect. I don't think pupils get enough respect from teachers at school to give that much back! And this is coming from a very polite person!"

Siobhan, Newcastle, England

"In my school, we don't stand up when an an adult comes in the room except when the headmaster comes in. There are other ways of showing respect and good manners such as opening a door for a teacher."

Seren, Swansea, Wales

"At my school we have to stand up when any adult comes into the classroom, we are only allowed to sit back down when we are told to!"

Lauren, Lincoln, England

"I understand that David Cameron wants to improve schools but I don't think this is the way. This just makes schools old fashioned and there are other ways to show respect to teachers."

Hoda, Slovakia

"It would be very disruptive to our learning and not all children/schools need to have such strict discipline. We wouldn't have as much time to learn if we were worried about standing and sitting down. The children in our school are very well behaved."

Class 8, Swindon, England

"Adults and children are both equal. We should do what the teacher says but not have to stand just because they walk in a room, they are other ways of showing respect. We don't have to stand up at my school."

Polly, Buckinghamshire, England

"I don't see of what benefit standing up would be...... Do we really need our society to go back in time? This is the modern world and things have changed."

Saskia, London, England

"At my school it's necessary to stand up when a teacher or an adult walks into our classroom, just as a sign of respect.... our teachers are doing their best to teach us and the least we can do is show them that respect. However, I think David Cameron has much more important matters to deal with than this."

Keerthi, Yorkshire, England

"We already do have to stand up when a teacher enters the room but I don't think we should have to. We are all equal and we should all show respect to everyone but we shouldn't have to stand up as they don't do it for us."

Isabella, Surrey, England

"In our school we always have to, even in assemblies, but then again, they are teachers and we should give them respect."

Avneet, England

"I think that we should be quiet when a teacher walks in but we shouldn't have to stand up."

Lucy, London, England

"In France, where I live, we have to stand up if an adult enters or exits the room. We are only able to sit back down when they have said so."

Sonia, Gramat, France

"Surely Cameron has far more important things that ought to be on his agenda?"

Miranda, Suffolk, England

"I don't see the need for it. There are other ways of showing respect."

Indusha, West Sussex, England

"I don't think we should have to stand up. There are other ways of showing respect to teachers than old fashioned practices."

Amina, Cardiff, Wales

"I think that we should give the teachers respect but not that much."

Bob, Surrey, England

"No, I don't think we should stand up, because were all equal. Adults don't stand up when we walk in so why should we do it for them?"

Reese, Northampton, England