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Pictures: Space Shuttle Discovery arrives at museum

The world's most travelled spaceship has arrived at the National Air and Space museum's massive hangar, where it will now enjoy its retirement.
Fans wear hats in honour of the space shuttle before the ceremony gets under way.
Fans wearing hats
Discovery make look dirty but that's not really surprising when you think of the amount of journeys its done. Those streaks were caused as the shuttle entered Earth's atmosphere, while undergoing temperatures of up to to 1,650 degrees Celsius.
Discovery looking dirty
The space shuttle Enterprise is towed from the space hangar at the Smithsonian National Air and Space museum where it will now stay put.
Shuttle towed in to hanger
Discovery arrives at the site on the back of another plane. It completed 39 space missions during its operational life, more than any other space shuttle in history.
Discovery arriving at the site
Discovery is suspended from a sling held by two cranes as it is loaded on to the back of a Boeing 747. It was the leader of NASA's space shuttle fleet, which retired in July after 30 years of service.
Discovery is loaded on to NASA plane
John Glenn became the oldest astronaut in the world when he boarded the Discovery for a mission in 1998 aged 77!
John Glenn a former NASA astronaut checks out Discovery
Astronauts aboard Discovery deployed NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in April 1990. Since then the Hubble has been snapping stunning photos that increase our understanding of space . In 2011, it made its millionth science observation.
A speech takes place at the ceremony