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Pictures: The 40th International Inventions Show

Check out these pics from the 40th International Inventions Show and find out what kind of gadgets could be finding their way in to the shops.
Teddies aren't cool right? Wrong! Yong-Fu Chang from Taiwan has invented two teddy bears that are connected by Wi-Fi via the Internet. They also have microphones and speakers.
Teddies that are connected to the Internet
Its raining, your phone rings, what do you do? Well up until now, it may have meant getting very wet, but any more! Here is Marco Pagnini with a gadget for carrying an umbrella without using hands.
A man with a hands free umbrella
Some people in the Newsround office still can't tie their shoelaces, so this handy invention would be great! This is a South Korean design to tie shoes with a single touch.
A shoelace one stop tier invention
If you're scared of flying, fear no more because Chinese inventor Yu Gao has created a plane with an emergency landing system of multi-layer parachutes. Not sure about the kitchen foil though!
A plane with parachutes
Ulli Boehme showcases his invention, the Ball Rider. He says it will be used as a new sport and leisure vehicle equipped with large balls as wheels. Think we'll stick to our bike, Ulli.
Man on the Ball Rider, a new sports vehicle
Hsia Jung-Wen from Taiwan is the inventor here. He's created a baby bottle with a drawing which changes colour when the temperature of the milk changes.
A baby bottle that changes colour when the milk inside it does
The Football Box lets children play in a miniature stadium. Doesn't look much like Old Trafford does it?
A miniature football stadium.
Yung-Chi Lin of Taipei presents his invention, protective equipment for highly polluted areas. Hmmm....
Protective clothing for highly polluted areas.