Dog TV set to hit the States

Last updated at 08:17
Dog watching TVAP

Have you ever wondered whether your dog gets lonely or bored while you're at school?

Well people in the US don't have to worry, because of a new TV channel especially for dogs.

Dog TV provides eight hours of programming designed to keep your pup relaxed and entertained while it's home alone.

To get the right footage, cameramen got on their knees to film and added music especially written for dogs.

But do dogs actually understand what is happening on TV? American animal expert Dr Nick Dodman thinks so.

He thinks that dogs not only recognise other pooches on TV, they may even respond differently when watching their own breed.

Dog watching TV with its ownerAP
Bleu has been watching for a month and snorts and grunts when he likes something on the box

Dogs can see blue and yellow but not red or green, so all programmes on DogTV have been altered so they are suitable.

So what can stay-at-home pups in America look forward to?

According to the people behind the channel, lots of other dogs running, playing, surfing and a lot of panting. Too bad they can't control the remote!