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Check out some of your superhero designs

We've been asking for your superhero designs to show some of the stars of latest Marvel film - check out some of your latest ideas.
Charlie from London has sent in the Shooting Stars and reckons they are ready for battle
The Shooting Stars
Lots of super powers on these heroes - Monkey man by eight-year-old Evan and The Winged Angel sent in by Millie, nine, from Whitley Bay.
Two superheroes
Captain Atom by Seb, 13, from London and Hypnostun by Amy, 8, from Kent.
Two superheroes
Here's Cool zone by 10-year-old Kirsty. Other superheroes you've sent in include Ooga-man and Kitty Cat.
Three superhero designs
Hundreds of you have sent in superhero designs for the release of The Avengers Assemble. Here are just a few of them. First up is Android Man by Maurice in Kent and Big Head Ed by Katie in Shepperton.
Android Man and Big Head Ed
Maddy from Essex has come up with Goggle Girl! She's an underwater superhero. And here's Rewarrior who can go back in time - thanks to Jack from Essex.
Goggle Girl and Rewarrior
Shock-wave has been sent in by Tony in Derby. He looks pretty mean to us! And next to him is a superhero by Alice, who's 9, called Super Baby!
Shock-wave and Super baby
Rohan from Peterborough has sent in 'The Vermillion Blade'. He looks pretty tough to us. Josh from Norfolk has sent in Sorcerer, who can turn into a sword.
The Vermillion Blade and Sorcerer
Here's Ama from Northampton's design for Violet Blaze! We think she's great. And Naomi from Gloucester has sent in Zenon. We like the attention to detail!
Violet Blaze and Zenon
Here's Titus drawn by Cameron, 13, from Runcorn. And next to it is an android drawn by nine-year-old Conn from East Yorkshire.
Two superheroes
And even more superheroes - Flight Girl by Scarlett, 9, Sharkinator by Caitlin, 11, and Ratarnn by Alec.
Three superhero designs
Check out Predator X by Robert from Bath - he looks fierce! And Voltoman by George from Oxfordshire - electric!
Predator X and Voltoman
Here's a superhero that's a donkey! It's a dangerous dazzling donkey by Lydia from Southampton. And next to it is the Two Faced Star - sent in by nine-year-old Liam from the West Midlands.
Two superheroes
Harry, 11, from Hertfordshire sent in Britannia - she looks ready to save the day. And Joel, aged 10, from Pembrokeshire sent in Savage - he looks scary!
Superheroes Britannia and Savage
Andrew aged 10 sent in the Green Ninja - run away villains if you see him coming! And nine-year-old Osin from County Kerry in Ireland sent in the Abominator - scary!
Green ninja and the Abominator
Flying in is Smokey drawn by Lexie, aged eight, from Kent. And Charlie from Berkshire, who's also eight years old, has sent in superhero, the Flame!
Two superheroes - Smokey and the Flame
Three heroes here to save the day - Mega man, by Alex aged eight, Volcanic man, by Oliver from Merseyside, and Shifter, by Sarah from Essex.
Three superhero designs
Who's this masked hero? It's Burn by Thomas, aged 12, from Portsmouth. And next to him it's Firebolt, who has x-ray vision, created by Beatrice in London.
Two superheroes - Burn and Firebolt
Lots of hands and arms here. First there's Glactoman by Sami, aged nine, from Surrey and next to it is a six armed superhero drawn by Thomas from Nottinghamshire.
Two superheroes
Muhammed from Birmingham has drawn EON, who absorbs his enemy's powers and uses it against them. And eight-year-old Sadi has sent in his Super Baby.
Two superheroes