Horrible Histories 'not for school' says author

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The author of Horrible Histories doesn't want his books used in schools.

Terry Deary thinks his books should only be read by kids at home so they remain fun.

He says that he "shudders" to think of his books being used in schools and that children will not enjoy the stories if they are forced to read them.

The author's books have sold over 25 million copies, and of course were turned into the award-winning TV show.

The programme is the only children's TV programme to win best sketch show at the British Comedy Awards. And it's won the award two years running!

The cast say that they've had loads of comments from parents saying it's got their kids interested in the subject and it's been a hit with adults too.

The brand new series of Horrible Histories started on Easter Monday on the CBBC channel.

Your comments:

We asked you whether you would like to read the Horrible Histories books in school - or would rather keep them as fun books at home. Here's a few of your comments:

"Home, school, anywhere by anyone - they are brilliant! They are just how history books should be- fun and educational."

Louisa, Kent, England

"I love Horrible Histories, but the only way I can read them is to borrow them from my school library."

Deanna, Birmingham, England

"I think that it should be the author's choice, because they are his books."

Alice, Scarborough, England

"I think that the books should be available in school libraries. I don't think children should be forced to read them though, because they are all about the things that teachers don't teach you and they start with some jokes about teachers. So I think they would be a little bit less fun if they were included in lessons."

Ameena, Southampton, England

"I think it's fine, we have them in our school and we all still enjoy them and read them. We also talk about them in the playground."

Abigail, Dunning, Scotland

"I think that Horrible Histories books are better to be read at home, but there isn't a reason why they shouldn't be used in schools."

Lily, Hitchin, England

"I love the books and always watch the TV show, but I think that Horrible Histories are more for laughs rather than learning. I'm not saying that I don't learn anything from Horrible Histories, I just think people enjoy the books because they're funny more than anything."

Sinead, Isle of Man

"They should keep the books in schools because they have really funny facts in them that teachers would never tell us!"

Olivia, St.Helens, England

"I think we should be able to read them in school because people might not have them at home."

Charlie, Manchester, England

"They should have them at school. They have all the real information in them- they are fun and historical at the same time!"

Chelsea, Darlington, England

"I think the books should be used in schools because they are so factual and even the teachers enjoy them!"

Ella-Mae, Peterborough, United Kingdom

"I think we should read them in school as well at home. My class is studying the Tudors and it wouldn't be fun without the books."

Erin, Telford, England

"I think the author is completely right, in school you are forced to read a book, at home you read because you love them and not because you are forced."

Adi, London, England

"Terry Deary is the author, so he should decide. In my opinion I think it's better to read Horrible Histories out of schools because those types of books are more fun to read at home."

Holly, Cardiff, Wales

"Forcing someone to read any book will take the pleasure out of it, but the books should be available in the school libraries to read in your own time."

Robyn, Suffolk, England

"I think that Horrible History books should be used in school because they help children learn about history in a fun way. They help me because sometimes I find history quite boring."

Abbie, Greater London, England

"I think we should have the Horrible History books at school because they make history lessons more enjoyable and easier to understand, plus they put the fun back into reading!"

Cameron, Hampshire, England

"I think that if the Horrible Histories books were used in school it would make history more fun and interesting, but then it defeats the Horrible Histories opening song: 'stuff they don't teach you at school'!"

Hannah, Devon, England

"I think Horrible Histories should be used in schools, as long as the pupils want to read them. I would love to have them and maybe even watch some clips of episodes too."

Emerald, Kent, England

"I think we should the keep the Horrible Histories books in schools because they make education come alive and become more interesting."

Eva, Wigan, England

"I think we should be able to read Horrible Histories books at school because I really enjoy them and I think everyone should get the chance to read them if they cannot read them at home."

Eloise, Rugby, England

"I think that the author is right because kids are forced to read books at school by teachers, but at home we read them for fun."

Ezara, Cardiff, Wales

"I think we should read Horrible Histories in school and at home because they are enjoyable to read and watch."

Natasha, Surrey, England

"I think Horrible Histories should stay in schools, because they are educational."

Christina, Inverness, Scotland

"I think that if teachers want to use them in lessons then they can, but people who don't want to read them should be allowed to do some other fun history work ."

Jake, London, England

"If you read them alone your mind is more likely to run free but in school you get distracted and tend not to concentrate as much on the book."

Samantha, South Shields, England

"I think the books should be kept at home. I have been reading them since I was seven and enjoy them very much. It would be a great shame to see them being forced onto other kids!"

Catty, Derbyshire, England

"School is where you read books that you wouldn't read at home. If a child does not know about the Horrible Histories books they will never read them."

Owen, Doncaster, England

"Reading and history are meant to be fun, so why shouldn't you enjoy them wherever you are?!"

Jess, Birmingham, England

"I think they should use Horrible Histories in schools because it's a way of learning whilst having fun. I think Terry Deary's concept will produce a rise in interest in the subject if used in classes."

Lucy, London, England

"I think we should read books like Horrible Histories at school because they make lessons more enjoyable."

Jarred, London, England

"I think that children should be able to read them anywhere as long as they are enjoying them."

Lillian, Portstewart, Northern Ireland

"The books should be available in schools but kids shouldn't be forced to read them because that would take the fun out of them. I think the songs from Horrible Histories should be used - they've certainly helped me!"

Alice, Hexham, England

"You're allowed to read other books in schools which are also TV shows, like Tracy Beaker, so why shouldn't you be allowed to read Horrible Histories in schools as well?"

Jude, Cambridge, England

"I think that the Horrible Histories books should be read at school and at home. The books are educational and fun to read."

Ashley, Australia

"History in school is so boring but if we read Horrible Histories in class then history would be fun."

Zoe, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I think that they should be kept at home. I'm a big reader but when one of my favourite books is studied at school all of the fun gets taken out of it."

Eleanor, Whitley Bay, England

"We read Horrible Histories in our class but I don't find them as entertaining as when I read them at home."

Luci-Anne, Croydon, England

"Of course they should have them in school. It's gory and fun. It would make history so much more fun!"

Jeevika, Leeds, England

"I think that fun books should be kept for reading at home."

Samarra, Salford, England