Peru miners freed after six days trapped underground

Last updated at 13:11
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Workers in the South American country of Peru have safely rescued nine miners who were trapped for six days, about 200 metres below ground.

They had been trapped by rockfall in a tunnel.

Witnesses said the men left the mine one by one on Wednesday morning.

The miners and rescuers had been using a hose to communicate with each other.

The rescuers also used a hose to send them oxygen, water and medicine.

A welcome party made up of relatives and Peru's president greeted the men as they reached the surface, wearing dark glasses to protect their eyes from the shock of daylight.

The miners weren't actually supposed to be down there in the first place as it wasn't an official mine.

Now there's been this accident, people are calling for the industry in Peru to be controlled more strictly, to try to stop this sort of thing happening again.