Schoolchildren win award for poverty video

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The pupils explain why they made their video

A group of pupils from a West Lothian school have won an award for making a video about child poverty.

As well as winning a video competition by a children's charity, a second charity is now giving them an award.

The pupils did work on children's rights, and formed a group called Seen And Heard.

Their video tells the story of a boy from the school, whose family was once homeless.

He said "you can have everything one minute, then nothing the next."

Some of the pupils said that before they made the film, they thought child poverty only affected children in other countries.

But according to the charity Barnardo's, nearly four million children live in poverty in the UK - that's nearly one in three.

The award ceremony will be shown on the BBC News Channel at 11.30am and 1pm on 14 April.