Google reveal more information about 'Project Glass'

Last updated at 08:50
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Google's latest invention

Google has released more information about its new futuristic glasses project.

Project Glass will let wearers access the internet and other services through a stamp size screen attached to a pair of specs.

The futuristic eyewear will let users snap photos, start video chats and look at websites through the little screen using voice commands.

There hasn't yet been a date set for the release of the glasses.

Google glasses shows map of shopGoogle
This is what the screen might look like

The special specs are currently being tested out by members of the Google X team to see how they could work in everyday life.

They've released a short video showing how the glasses could be used and are asking for feedback on what kinds of things the glasses should be used for.

When they do hit the shops it's expected that they'll cost around £160 to £320 - so you'd better start saving now if you want some!

The team are also rumoured to be working on self-driving cars and lifts to take people into space.