Newsround looks back to 1980s

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Take a trip back to the 1980s with Ricky!

Forget the Tardis, we at Newsround have been on our very own time travelling adventures thanks to a good old root around the BBC archives!

Ricky looks back at the 1980s in the second of our special reports to celebrate our 40th birthday on Wednesday.

It was the decade that brought technology into our homes - personal computers, video games, and GIANT mobile phones!

The legendary Walkman was all the rage when it came to music on the move.

One of the biggest stories of the decade happened in 1982 when Britain went to war against Argentina over a group of islands called The Falklands.

The largest musical event of all time, Live Aid, took place in 1985 - a star-studded line-up helped raise £150 million for starving people in Africa.

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