Newsround celebrates its 40th birthday

Last updated at 17:45
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Watch Newsround's 40th anniversary edition - with John Craven

Newsround has celebrated its 40th birthday!

Ever since Newsround was first broadcast in 1972 from Television Centre in London, we've brought you all the stories that matter.

And we've certainly packed a lot in, covering everything from climate change and war, to the biggest bands and latest gadgets.

All through the first week of April we've run a series of special programmes that show you just how much things have changed.

We're going through each decade we've been on air, from the 1970s through to the 2000s.

You can watch the the special programmes right here on the website.

Plus we've got loads of other good stuff for you - click the links on the left here for presenter galleries, see how gadgets and tech has changed over 40 years, and check out our clip of when Newsround got its very first computer, way back in 1987.