JLS say they're 'happy' for One Direction's US success

Last updated at 17:25
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JLS on One Direction's success

JLS say they're really happy about One Direction's success in America, and that British music's "in a fantastic place".

The boys also said they're honoured to have been chosen to perform at the Queen's Jubilee concert later this year.

They've done big concerts before - but never performed for the Queen.

The guys said they're excited but they wouldn't reveal the song they plan on singing just yet.

And JLS didn't seem too "jealous" - geddit? - of One Direction's success in America either.

Marvin said: "Everybody's had their own success in different areas and it's great what One Direction are doing."

Earlier in the day they hung out with CBBC's Hacker but started to get offended when he couldn't remember their name!