UK drought is putting fish in danger

Last updated at 06:18
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Fish in danger from drought

Some parts of the UK are suffering the worst drought since records began and wildlife is struggling because of it.

Water levels have dropped so badly in some areas that fish need rescuing and the quickest way to catch them is to stun them with an electric current.

Stunning the fish might seem cruel but it doesn't hurt them as they don't feel anything.

The rescued fish are then taken in tanks to a different river.

The Environment Agency are the people behind the plan to save the fish and attract them by a large circular object called an anode.

They put the anode into the water and it gives off an electrical current that the fish are attracted to.

When the fish get close, they're stunned for around 10 seconds and are then scooped up and put into a tank.

Moving fish is something that happens quite often but they've never had to do it this early in the year.

Fish are often the first to feel the effects from drought and the Environment Agency are hoping the South and East of England get some rain soon.