James Cameron shows first pictures from deepest dive

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Deep sea explorer James Cameron has been talking about his amazing journey to the bottom of the ocean.

He said that the dive down to the lowest known point of the Earth's crust was a "lifelong dream".

He told journalists that what amazed him the most about the bottom of the Mariana trench was that it was "devoid of sunlight, devoid of any heat, any warmth".

The only signs of life he saw were tiny shrimp-like creatures.

He said that the pressure was so great near the bottom of the trench that the specially designed sub he was using actually got squashed by a few centimetres.

Unfortunately the craft's robotic arm didn't work so he wasn't able to collect any of the samples he was hoping to.

But the famous director says that he isn't giving up on making movies.

He said: "I'm going to be turning my attention to Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 as soon as I finish up with this expedition."