The world's smallest puppy? Meet Beyonce!

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Meet the world's smallest puppy

Super star Beyonce might have a bit of record breaking competition, from this super cute little puppy.

Beyonce the dog was so small when she was born on March 8, that she could fit onto a spoon.

Workers at the California rescue centre where the tiny pup was born reckon that she is the smallest puppy in the world.

They've submitted her details to the Guinness Book of Records and are waiting to hear if she's a mini-record breaker!

Beyonce's mum was found on the streets in San Bernardino, California. Animal shelter workers took her into the centre just before she gave birth to her litter of five.

Beyonce was the last pup to be delivered and was born without a heartbeat - but vets were able to get her heart started again.

They're hoping that in a few weeks she'll be big and well enough for them to find her a new home.