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Pictures: Amazing wildlife photos to go on display

Some of the best ever photos from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition will go on display at London's Natural History Museum, this summer.
These rare black rhinos were pictured in Namibia, Africa by Wynand du Plessis from South Africa. Normally rhinos like these are pretty shy, but they were sharing a drink with lions and elephants when this picture was taken.
Rhinos drinking
These pictures have been chosen as some of the best from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and will be on display at the Natural History Museum this summer. This picture of a frog sitting on a toadstool was taken by Edwin Giesbers in the Netherlands.
Frog sheltering from the rain on toadstool
This is not something you would expect to see on your house, but that’s what Helen Jones from Canada found on her window after a really cold night in February. The feathery image appeared when the sun was rising and shone through the glass. She had to take the picture really quickly before it melted.
Ice crystals on glass
A dead whale attracted these polar bears and birds in Alaska, Canada. Normally polar bears like being on their own, which is why it was so rare to see these males, females and cubs together.
Polar bears scavenging
These fish are nibbling algae and parasites from the green turtle's shell and skin in this photograph taken by Andre Seale in Hawaii. It's good for both of them because the fish get a meal and it also helps the turtle to stay clean and healthy. A pretty good deal we think!
Fish eating algae and parasites off a green turtle
This Asian elephant was taking a dip with its minder when Jeff Yonover from the US snapped the moment it ducked its huge head underwater and used its trunk as a snorkel.
Elephant snorkelling in water
This amazing image called Zebra Crossing, was taken in Tanzania, Africa by Anup Shah from the UK. She says she wanted to create an "ant's-eye view" of the huge animals.
Zebras running