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Pictures: The biggest Lego Star Wars fan

Meet Phoenix who has been named as the UK's biggest Lego Star Wars fan.
That works out as between £500 and £800 a year. His mum has said she hopes he won’t buy any more!
Close up of some of the Star Wars Lego sets
This is Phoenix from Sussex. He’s officially the biggest Lego Star Wars fan in the UK. Since he was five-years-old, he’s been collecting the sets and has just won a prize for being the UK's biggest fan.
Phoenix with Star Wars lego
When he’s older, Pheonix says he wants to be a Lego designer.
The Death Star model
He’s been saving his pocket money and asking for cash instead of birthday and Christmas presents for years. Altogether, he’s bought 114 sets.
Star Wars sets collected by Phoenix
He went with his mum and dad to Legoland in Berkshire where he was chosen to lay the last Lego brick in a new exhibition there.
Phoenix and his Dad
Phoenix was on holiday when he was first given his first Star Wars set by Father Christmas. His favourite character is Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Phoenix sitting with one of his Lego kits
He uses the Lego to recreate scenes in Star Wars. His favourite is the Revenge of the Sith scene and the most difficult one he has built is the Death Star, which took him 23 hours to do!
Star Wars figures