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Comic book characters on new Royal Mail stamps

Comic book characters are given their own stamps by the Royal Mail.
Dennis the Menace and a host of other comic stars are the new faces of Royal Mail's latest stamps. The collection has been made to commemorate Britain's long history of comic characters.
Dennis the Menace stamp
Britain's longest running comic is The Dandy, it's been going for 75 years! At one point two million copies were being sold every week! The star of the comic is Desperate Dan who features on one of the stamps.
Stamp with Desperate Dan
You might not recognise this magazine The Topper but the main character Beryl the Peril should look a bit familiar. She's the female equivalent of Dennis the Menace! Like Dennis she's known for wearing red and black and causing chaos in her neighbourhood.
Beryl the Peril stamp
Roy of Rovers was a very popular football comic strip which started life in the sporting comic Tiger. It followed the career of Roy Race who played for the Melchester Rovers and it was so popular that Roy of Rovers eventually had it's own comic.
Roy Race stamp
2000 AD was launched in 1977, it's famous for its stories about characters like Judge Dredd, the futuristic crime fighter. The magazine is still running today even though the title is a little out-dated!
Judge Dredd stamp
Comic characters aren't as big as they once used to be with more kids today watching TV or reading online. But that doesn't stop comics being popular! A few years ago the first issue of The Dandy was sold for well over £20,000!
Royal Mail have been producing special stamp collections for almost 50 years but before stamps like these can be printed, the Queen herself has to approve the design.