Three towns become cities to celebrate Queen's Jubilee

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Joe heads to St Asaph

Three small towns in the UK have been reclassified as cities to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Chelmsford in the southeast of England, Perth in Scotland and St Asaph in North Wales beat off competition from 22 other towns to win the honour.

Getting city status is just for fun and doesn't mean a town will have more powers or get more money.

There are now 66 cities in the UK, but city status is only granted on very special occasions.

Preston, Newry, Lisburn and Newport became cities in 2002 to mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee.

Brighton and Hove, Inverness and Wolverhampton were awarded the title to mark the new millennium.

St Asaph, which has a population of about 3,500, will become one of the smallest cities in the UK.

But it's not as small as St. David's in Wales which is the UK's smallest - only about 1,200 people live there!

Only one town was supposed to win but the government said the awards were made in England, Scotland and Wales to show that all parts of the UK were important.

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