Venus and Jupiter 'to meet' in the night sky

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Venus and Jupiter in the skyOther

If you keep an eye on the sky this week, you could see something very special - the planets Venus and Jupiter looking like they're meeting up!

They're actually really far from each other so don't be fooled: it's just their orbits in space are lining up.

The best way to catch the spectacle is to look in a west/south-west direction, shortly after sunset.

Venus is the brighter one, and Jupiter will appear to move in a line past it over the month.

Dates of how Jupiter will move past Venus
Here's the path that Jupiter is expected to take this month

Believe it or not, close encounters between Venus and Jupiter aren't that rare - they happen every year or so.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System, but it is much further away from Earth than Venus.