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Pictures: Japan's recovery after the 2011 tsunami

It's been a year since Japan's massive tsunami and earthquake. Take a look at these pictures of how things have changed over the last year.
This tree has become a symbol of hope in Japan. It is the one tree that survived from a forest in the city of Rikuzentakata, Japan, after the tsunami struck.
The one tree that survived from a forest in the city of Rikuzentakata, Japan, after the tsunami struck
A year ago, the devastated city of Kesennuma looked like this...
Remains of buildings in the city of Kesennuma in Japan
This same area was completed flooded - cars were overturned in the streets and water had risen to the first floor of the buildings.
Streets flooded after the tsunami had struck - an area in Miyako, northeastern Japan in 2011
In some areas that were affected by the tsunami and earthquake things are slowly getting back to normal. But one year ago this area looked very different...
Cars pass through an area hit by the earthquake and tsunami in Miyako, northeastern Japan in 2012
...but one year on, this area is cleared. The task of rebuilding is still to come.
Area cleared of rubble
Buildings and houses were destroyed and only the rubble remained. The task to clear up has been huge...
Houses destroyed by the tsunami and earthquake
On the one year anniversary of north east Japan's tsunami and earthquake people paid their respects to the thousands of people who lost their lives during the disaster.
A family in Japan pay their respects to victims of the last years tsunami at a memorial
The strength of the waves meant boats and houses were swept away - here a boat has been swept to the bridge and then crushed underneath.
Flooding of a river
You wouldn't have guessed if you'd looked one year ago - that this is actually a bridge...
Bridge completely covered with wreckage
Today you can see a bridge working normally and the area cleared of wreckage.
Cars driving across a bridge
The area has now been cleared, but only a few buildings survived.
The city of Kesennuma cleared of rubble.
Now the waters have receded in the very same place that saw so much flooding a year ago.