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King's Cross station gets a £550 million makeover

The £550 million makeover of King's Cross station is finally completed and opens to the public on 19 March. These beautiful pictures show the new Western Concourse.
King's Cross station is used by 45 million passengers a year. The new station means there's more room for everyone - and more room for shops and cafés.
Workmen in fluorescent orange overalls are seen on the concourse, adding the finishing touches to the station.
Let's hope these engineers aren't afraid of heights! They're making last-minute checks to the new roof over King's Cross station in London, which has just had a £550 million makeover.
The new roof over King's Cross is made of white steel beams, in a tessellated pattern of triangles. In the centre of the dome, the covering turns to glass and light flows in.
The building work has used over 1,000 tonnes of steel, one million specially made bricks, five million metres of cabling and not forgetting the hard work of over 5,000 engineers!
A closer view of the glass roof over the tessellated white steel beams. Workers in orange overalls are on board a mechnical cherry-picker, inspecting the roof.
The original station building has also been cleaned up - it's in the middle here with its yellow bricks. The station is Grade-I listed, which means it is considered to be of historical importance. Any building work is very carefully considered to make sure it doesn't damage the original building or spoil the way it looks.
The original station building, photographed from inside the new concourse structure. The original yellow brickwork is untouched, whilst the new meshed roof arcs down and touches the floor right in front of the station building.
The station is lit up in bright colours for the big launch. The first passengers will catch their trains here on Monday 19 March.
A view of the new King's Cross concourse. It is illuminated in vivid purple, blue and orange light. Beams of bright white light stretch through the vast concourse.
This photo from above shows the new station entrance - the white semi-circle to the right of the platform buildings. The station is 160 years old, so it was due a facelift.
An aerial shot of King's Cross Station. Two long, rectangular enclosures house the station's platforms. To the right of these, a semi-circular concourse has been built, with a white roof.