New games controller invented that stretches your skin

Last updated at 15:54
The controller with red thumb buttonsOther

A new type of games controller has been invented which pulls and stretches the skin on your thumbs.

It's thought that stretching the skin could produce sensations like the feel of pushing, pulling or crawling.

Most games consoles have vibrating controllers but inventors, from the University of Utah, reckon their thumb tugging technology gives gamers a better feeling of movement.

The new controller's been shown to Microsoft and other gaming companies.

The inventors have created a game called Feelin' Fishy, where people can test how the pull of waves and the tugging of fish against a rod would feel when using the controls.

But there would be a few drawbacks if we were to see this new technology on our shelves... the thumbsticks would only work with games that they are compatible with and they won't come cheap, adding about an extra £10 to the price of ordinary controllers.

And in case you're wondering how playing on these specially designed thumb pads might feel, try placing your finger on a table top and dragging it along!