One Direction take on The Wanted in the US charts

Last updated at 16:00
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Ricky finds out why the Brits are doing well in the US

From Beyonce to Lady Gaga we're used to having big US names taking over the UK charts.

In the past it's been really hard for UK bands to make it big in the United States.

But things are changing - The Wanted have made it into the top five, One Direction are in the charts and Adele's had three number ones and a chart-topping album.

For now, the battle to be top UK boy band in America is being won by The Wanted.

The guys are doing much better in the US charts than their big British rivals One Direction.

They're taking the fight pretty seriously - they recently compared One Direction to The Jonas Brothers!

The Wanted are being looked after by Justin Bieber's manager, which means that they're sure to have big things ahead of them...