Penguin seen bathing in Tokyo river after zoo escape

Last updated at 12:57
Escaped Humboldt penguin bathing in the Kyu-Edo RiverOther

A penguin chick is on the run after escaping from a Tokyo zoo.

Tokyo Sea Life Park realised the Humboldt penguin was missing after receiving a photo of it bathing in the Kyu-Edogawa River in the Japanese capital.

A zoo official said that keepers were struggling to recapture it because it swam "at a tremendous speed".

The one year-old Humboldt appeared to have scaled a steep wall to escape, leaving behind 134 other penguins.

The zoo are asking the Tokyo public for information on any sightings.

A Humboldt Penguin (file photo)AFP
The fugitive chick is a Humboldt penguin, like this one