What do you do with your old gadgets?

Last updated at 07:23

A new report says we throw away over 17 million gadgets a year.

That's got environmental groups worried that in the rush to get our hands on the latest technology we're not getting rid of the old stuff properly.

Old electronic equipment like mobile phones, computers and consoles that are chucked in the bin end up at landfill sites where they're buried in the ground.

Harmful chemicals can leak out into the soil from batteries and screens.

It's a big problem as many of these items could be recycled safely and easily.

What to do with your old unwanted gadgets

  • Ask a shop if they'll recycle it for you. When you buy a new item, many shops will accept your old gadget either in store for free or take it away when your new one is delivered.
  • Take it to your local waste recycling centre. These are run by your local council and it's free to take your gadgets there.
  • If it's a big item, like a computer or a TV, you can ask the local council to collect it for you but this can cost money.
  • Why not donate it? If it still works, many charities will accept gadgets and they can then go on to benefit people here in the UK or abroad.
  • You could sell your item to someone else if it works but you'd probably need to check with your parents or guardian.