Hayley helps rescued circus lions travel to new home

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Hayley's been to France to follow the journey of two lions who have been rescued from a circus and are on their way to a new home.

The only problem is, their new home is over 500 miles away at a wildlife park in the UK.

How will lions Brutus and Clarance get there?

In the second part of her journey Hayley helps to get the lions on the ferry in the French port of Calais.

She joins them on the crossing and speaks to the zoo keepers about why they are excited to welcome the pair to their new enclosure.

Badly treated

In the UK, only a few circuses still have wild animals but around the world it's a different story.

Brutus and Clarance were originally rescued from a circus in France where local authorities thought they had been badly treated.

A wildlife park in Kent is giving the lions a safe new home.