World leaders meet to try to solve Somalia violence

Last updated at 15:26

Leaders from around the world have been meeting in London today to try to find a way to end over twenty years of trouble in Somalia.

For much of that time, Somalia hasn't had a proper government. That's led to chaos, violence and the rise of piracy.

Also, even though the worst famine in over 60 years has ended there, over two million people still need food aid.

Two and a half million more have been forced from their homes.


The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who has been leading the talks, says he wants to tackle the threat Somali pirates pose.

The pirates are currently holding 10 ships and 159 people hostage.

But the trouble is not just on the water.

In the Somalian capital, Mogadishu, there's no running water, electricity or schools and the people there want money to rebuild the city.

Somali Prime Minister, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, is at the talks in London today and has told politicians from across the world that his country needs more international help.