Scientists design space food menu for Mars missions

Last updated at 06:12
Artist impression of MarsNASA

Ever wondered what astronauts eat while they're in space?

Well at the moment, it's all pretty nasty and very boring.

But now scientists from Cornell and Hawaii universities in the US are planning to spice up the menu in preparation for possible future missions to Mars.

They're looking for volunteers to spend 120 days living on space food and to come up with some exciting new recipes and cooking tips.

They'll experience what life is like for real astronauts by living inside a fake space capsule and wearing space suits.

The volunteers will record how long it takes to prepare the food, how good it tastes and how their choices change over time.

Sandra MagnusNASA
Astronaut Sandra Magnus relied on a pocket knife, zip-lock bags and duck tape to cook in space!

But making space food is trickier than you'd think.

It has to be high in nutrition, easy to eat in micro-gravity and would also need to last the 3-5 years needed to make it to Mars and back.

Eating well in space is really important because astronauts' bodies are under a lot of pressure.

They need a good variety of food to keep their energy up and keep them in a good mood while away from home.