Chat: Have you had your mobile stolen?

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Ricky looks into the rise in mobile phone thefts

The number of mobile phones being stolen in the UK is on the rise.

Around 300,000 are stolen every year and the way they're being taken has also changed.

Bikes and mopeds are being used by criminals as young as 13 who take phones by riding past someone and snatching it quickly before speeding away.

In one area of London, Islington, mobile snatching has increased by 400% in the last year.

Have you or someone you know ever had your mobile phone stolen? Here are some of the comments you sent in.

Your Comments:

"I think it is outrageous that people walking on the street get their mobiles stolen. I will now be more careful and cautious when I have my mobile out in public and I hope others are too."

Hannah, 11, Leicestershire, England

"I have never gotten my phone stolen, it is just unlucky if you get it stolen. I would say that the best tips are to make sure you have your phone in a safe place at all times and to always check that you have it with you!"

Sophie, 11, Gloucester, England

"I had my phone stolen today! It was in my back pocket and this big guy just took it. My friend's wallet was stolen too!"

Jimmy, 12, Brighton, England

"Including all my friends, four of them have had their phones taken straight from their hands."

Niamh, 12, Essex, England

"I never use my smartphone in public unless it is really necessary. Other than that, I use it at my home or school."

Bernard, 11, Chatham, England

"I have not had my phone stolen, but I got a new quite expensive smartphone for Christmas so I am quite worried now!"

Maisie, 12, Cambridgeshire, England

"I have never had my phone stolen because I keep it safe in my bag when I am walking and on the move."

Annabel, 11, Fareham, England

"I think that when people are out they should not have their phones out and if you do, make sure that you are aware of who is around you."

Shanice, 10, Birmingham, England

"I've never had my phone stolen, and I hope I never will, but my sister left her first phone at the train station. Luckily it was found in lost property, we went to pick it up and they said that someone had already claimed it! People who steal aren't big or clever, they're just pathetic."

Lauren, 10, Bury, England

"Having your phone stolen is a very traumatic event because phones are needed in case of a emergency and they help you to stay in contact with your friends and family."

Juvaughn, 10, Sheffield, England

"I have not had my phone stolen, but I know a friend who got really upset when her phone was stolen and not handed in for four months."

Shannon, 14, Birmingham, England

"I had my phone stolen when I visited my local swimming centre, it was taken straight from my hand and I think it's absolutely appalling! Luckily I had phone insurance and was able to get another one, but the original one has never been recovered."

Ash, 14, Lincoln, England

"I don't think it's fair because the robbers wouldn't like their phones to be stolen."

Myles, 9, Milton Keynes, England

"I think it's terrible that people are going around stealing mobile phones."

Katie, 7, Dublin, Ireland

"I had my phone stolen once when I was in the toilets at school. I forgot and I left it on the side while I went to the toilet and when I came out it was gone. I never got it back."

Lizzii, 12, Norfolk, England

"My phone has never got stolen because when I go out I don't bring it with me because it might break... or get stolen."

Lewis, 10, Oxfordshire, England

"I try not to get my phone out when I am in public, this way it means no one sees my phone and no one is able to steal it."

Lois, 11, Wrexham, Wales

"No I have never had my phone stolen but a friend has had hers stolen. She got in contact with the police and via CCTV they caught the thief."

Rebecca, 12, Newcastle, England

"My friend's mum lost her phone in a park by a gang of teenagers and she never got it back. Some of them distracted her by barging into her while the others took her phone."

Ella, 11, London, England

"What I do to keep my phone safe is to not use it while I'm walking so I can concentrate on what I'm doing."

Henry, 12, London, England

"My brother's phone was stolen and all he says is keep it safe, don't have it out and when you're on your own keep it in your pocket."

Luhan, 13, Portsmouth, England

"My friend left her phone on the bus, she thought that she had put it in her right outside pocket but instead it went onto the seat. Her friend said that he witnessed a man, who spotted the phone, leaped to the seat and grabbed it. That was the end of her phone, she never got it back..."

Lauren, 13, Stoke-on-Trent, England

"I've lost my phone several times and stolen twice but the police found who stole it the first time but not the second time. People who steal phones are not big and not clever."

Jake, 13, Hampshire, England

"My phone was stolen. I still can't find it to this present day! I tried contacting the company but they can't do anything about it."

Ariko, 10, Liverpool, England

"My sister's phone got stolen at school. She was texting, put it in her bag at the end of class it was not there - she was so sad."

Harry, 13, Cheshire, England

"I lost my phone, we suspect I dropped it, but nobody handed it in to the police so we think they just picked it up. They wouldn't have been able to use it as my phone company blocked the sim card and the actual phone so it couldn't be used but it was still a Blackberry and I never got it back..."

Aisha, 12, London, England

"Yes, I have had my phone stolen, it was at school and I forgot to put my phone into the valuables box and I had left it in my bag while I was doing PE. I reckon they went on a website and made money off it! Always take care of your things."

Maisie, 12, Cornwall, England

"I have never had my phone stolen and I hope I never will. People have to be very careful when they are using their phones."

Orla, 11, Isle of Skye, Scotland

"My parents think that it's best not having a mobile phone because there's too big a risk of it being stolen."

Louise, 10, Geneva, Switzerland

"I lost my phone and then found it miles from where I lost it. Recently I left my phone in my local library and it was stolen."

Jasmin, 12, London, England

"No, I have never had my phone stolen but I lost it and someone found it for me."

Caitlin, 9, Belfast, Northern Ireland