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Pictures: Bear cubs released back into the wild

A pair of orphaned bear cubs have been released back into the wild in Greece.
Brown bears are one of the most endangered animals in Greece. These three-month-old orphaned bear cubs called Little John and Nikitas have been released back in to the wild after being rescued and spending nine months in a rehabilitation centre.
Orphaned bear cubs at rehabilitation centre
After the cubs were found, rescuers tried to reunite them with their mums but it didn't work and they were taken to the Arcturos Bear Rehabilitation Centre. It was the first time they'd taken bear cubs in and released them into the wild.
Little John being hand fed by caretakers
During their stay, Little John and Nikitas learned important skills so they can survive. This piece of natural forest in the centre is similar to what their habitat is like in the wild.
Little John and Nikitas learning survival skills
To get ready for taking them back into the wild, staff at the centre dug this den near where the cubs would be released. It took nearly three days to prepare as they had to dig through a metre of snow and then set up a webcam inside so they could keep an eye on the cubs.
Preparing the den
On the day of their release Little John and Nikitas were sedated and carefully examined by vets to make sure they were healthy enough to go back.
Vets examining Little John and Nikitas
To make sure the bear cubs are okay they're being tracked using these special satellite collars.
Cub being fitted with a satellite collar
It took four men to carry the sedated bear cubs to the den. They're not that heavy but it was hard to walk in the deep snow.
Staff from the centre carrying a bear cub to the den
After waking up in their new den, Little John and Nikitas began to explore. They went outside into the cold to start with, but they soon went back inside to stay warm and hibernate.
Little John and Nikitas outside their den
From the camera inside the den the bears can be seen hibernating for the winter. They'll come out again in spring and venture back out into the wild.
Picture taken from den webcam