Europe's biggest volcano Mount Etna erupts once again

Last updated at 08:44
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Check out Mount Etna's latest fiery eruption!

Fancy kicking your day off with a bang? Well Europe's most active volcano has been at it again.

Mount Etna has been rumbling away on the Italian island of Sicily, firing lava and volcanic ash in to the sky.

Officials closed the nearby airport, trapping Italian football side Roma at a local hotel.

Check out the clip to see the impressive volcano in action!

What causes volcanos?

Under the Earth's crust, there is red-hot molten rock, called magma.

Volcanoes happen when magma rises to the surface of the Earth, which causes bubbles of gas to appear in it.

This gas can cause pressure to build up in the mountain, and it eventually explodes.

When the magma bursts out of the Earth, it is called lava.