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Pictures: Science meets art in Visualisation Challenge

Check out these incredible images mixing science with artwork.
Here are some amazing images from a science and art competition, the Visualisation Challenge. Here's an ultra-close-up image of carbon - carbon's the substance that diamonds, coal and pencil leads are made of.
Carbon structures
The competition includes photographs, artwork and microscope images - like this one of a growing cucumber's skin. The spikes on the skin are forty times thinner than a needle and protect the cucumbers from being eaten by creatures whilst they grow.
Magnified image of the skin of a growing cucumber
The contest hopes to explain complex science processes simply through art. This image shows what happens to a certain material when it's placed in an acid.
Layered material after it's placed in an acid
Another image showing what goes on in the body. This shows a cell - what all living things are made up of - splitting into two cells, a process called cell division. It's how living things grow.
An image showing a cell dividing
No, it's not something from Doctor Who! This image is trying to show how different cells in the human body work. Here's a cell that helps fight against illnesses trying to attack a cancer cell.
A cell that helps against illnesses trying to attack a cancer cell.
This shows how matter moves through the universe, passing from areas where there's not much stuff, to areas where there is more stuff.
Image showing how matter moves about
Bryan William Jones won first-place in the photography category. He used a special technique to get this image. It's of a slice through part of a mouse's eye. Different parts of the eye are shown by the different colours.
Section through part of a mouse' s eye