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Pictures: Deadly freeze across Europe

Pics from across Europe where sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow are causing havoc.
Many places are having to cope with temperatures reaching nearly -30C. The freeze has caused at least 110 deaths, mainly in Ukraine and Poland.
Icicles hang from a piece of wood
This isn't a sight you expect to see - snow-covered palm trees in Switzerland.
Snow covered palm trees in Switzerland
And in Germany, this boy enjoys a ride on his sledge.
A boy riding a sledge in Germany.
But the snow is not stopping some people from getting on with their daily business. This man is fishing through an ice hole in one of Ukraine's rivers.
Ukrainian man fishing through an ice hole on the Dnipro river
And it's not putting off these tourists either - they're still taking this gondola ride through the canals of Venice in Italy.
A gondolier takes passengers across the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy
Food supplies are also being sent to remote villages that have been cut off by the snow, like these people from a village in Bosnia.
Bosnian people carrying food supplies in a remote village
It's hit homeless people the worst. Some are being sheltered in makeshift centres, like this one in Poland, being served hot food to keep them warm.
Homeless people given hot food at a soup kitchen in Poland
This man is having to use a horse-drawn cart to clear the snow in Romania.
A man carrying snow in his horse-driven cart in Romania
The waters of the Black Sea have frozen near the shores of Romania.
Stones covered in ice by the Black Sea near the shores of Romania
Here are some reed sprouts covered with thick ice at a lake in northern Germany.
Reed sprouts covered with thick ice at a lake in northern Germany.
Much of Europe is in the grip of a fierce cold spell. Heavy snow has caused serious disruption across countries in Europe, including Italy, Turkey, Poland and Ukraine.
A snowplough clears snow off a road in the northern Italian